The Kolo Group is a 'Ministry to Ministries', allowing evangelistic organizations and individuals to focus on Great Commission work by providing ministries best-in-class mobile technology and tools to minister to those seeking Christ. We build applications that allow users to select their own heart language (native tongue) when they use the application and view content.
Our first product is ‘Kolo World’, a free mobile Android or iOS application targeting both oral and literate populations. Kolo World currently supports over 1,300 languages and offers a simplified user interface and content engine.

Kolo Group members donate time on a pro bono basis to work with the leadership of missional, non-profit organizations to brainstorm strategies, evaluate alternatives, and provide complementary perspectives when technology-intensive initiatives are being considered. On occasion Kolo Group may take on oversight responsibility for a specific initiative of limited scope and broad application to the furtherance of the Great Commission.
Our Vision:

  • Develop a "Business with Mission" approach - integrating principles, practices and perspectives from business and mission.
  • Leverage skills and expertise in the use and application of computing technologies and mobile devices, making heart language scripture and resources accessible for ministry and disciple making.
  • Collaboration between leaders across many cultures.
  • Assist local ministries as they become self-sustaining.